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Top 50 Plantar Fasciitis Questions

You’ve probably heard that people with flat feet, high arches, or both are more susceptible to plantar fasciitis. You’ve probably also been diagnosed with the condition if you have been overweight, have been sedentary, or started exercising on an uneven surface. You may have tight hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendons or have recently worn high heels. No matter what your personal circumstances, you can benefit from information about Plantar Fasciitis.

A doctor can diagnose plantar fasciitis by examining the heel and arch. Unlike other types of foot pain, which tend to affect the whole foot, plantar fasciitis typically develops after repetitive strain to the same part of the foot. It’s most common to occur after a minor injury or repetitive stress. You’ll experience aching, stiffness, and/or swelling in the arch and heel, and you may experience chronic pain or difficulty walking or running.

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