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Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Homemade

Plantar Fasciitis night splint homemade

A Plantar fasciitis night splint homemade can be a powerful tool to healing your plantar fasciitis pain. Below we discuss what is plantar fasciitis, why people choose to use night splints (and whether they work!), if you should use a night splint and whether you should make your own or simply buy one. 

What is plantar fasciitis?

Around 10% of individuals will experience plantar fasciitis at some point in their lives, resulting in painful foot symptoms. This condition arises from inflammation within the tissue that connects the heel and toes. While plantar fasciitis can manifest in various areas of the foot, the heel is the most commonly affected area. Consequently, individuals may also endure related discomfort in the ankle, arch, and calf. To learn more about plantar fasciitis and its symptoms, visit this fascinating resource.

Many individuals find that their plantar fasciitis pain is at its worst during the morning, right after waking up. This is because while the body rests overnight, the plantar fasciitis tissue has a chance to heal. However, when it is suddenly used again in the morning, the plantar fascia is re-injured, causing discomfort. To minimize this pain, many people turn to night splints. These devices help maintain a stretch on the plantar fasciitis tissue throughout the night, allowing it to heal in an extended position. As a result, individuals often experience less pain in the morning.

Regrettably, plantar fasciitis can prove to be unresponsive to various treatment methods, leaving individuals to navigate through a trial and error process in search of relief from the discomfort in the sole of their foot. While there is no universally proven approach to effectively treat this condition, people often resort to experimenting with alternative measures, including the usage of homemade night splints.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis

There are a number of causes for planter fasciitis issues. Most commonly people who use their feet a lot will develop this condition. For example this is a very common condition for new runners to experience, because their muscles aren’t yet used to being used and smaller tissues such as the planter fasciitis step in to state as the foot and become over used an injured.

It is also common for people who are on their feet all day during work, for example nurses and factory workers, to experience Plantar Fasciitis Pain.

In general the condition is caused by the overuse of the plant of festers tissue, which is often due to an imbalance somewhere else, for example weak glutes and weak calf muscles, so strengthening and addressing these muscular imbalances is often a good approach to solving planter fasciitis. In the meantime though the actual injury itself needs to be addressed, so night splints are a great solution for this.

Why use a night splint

The reason that night splints are used to help heal planter fasciitis is to extend and put pressure on the planter fascia and the Achilles tendon.

A night splint is what holds your foot in place while you sleep to allow this to happen.

The reason that this can help to heal this condition is that it promotes healing of the planter fasciitis by encouraging blood flow to the area. Since the planter fasciitis generally doesn’t have a good flow of blood, and therefore a source of healing this can help speed things up.

People often use a night splint because they find those first few painful steps in the morning or reduced in severity because the foot is already stretched.

Does a night splint work?

Yes night splints to work. Several studies have shown that wearing a night splint while you sleep can significantly improve the symptoms of plenty fasciitis and the healing time.

Night splints should not be used alone however, they should be used in combination with the daytime treatment such as plantar fasciitis socks that provides compression to your foot including the heel while you’re wearing shoes and a good muscle strengthening routine for coughs and glutes. We’ve scientifically developed our own Plantar fasciitis socks that have helped thousands of suffers, we don’t just say this because we stock them but we strongly recommend starting with this 11-piece kit to help cure your plantar Fasciitis:

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Many people report that night splints are one of the best option for Plantar Fasciitis pain relief second only to a compression sock that compresses and provides support to the painful plantar fascia tissue and help it to heal. A homemade splint is effective at providing temporary relief while you sleep. Moreover, the splint is easily removable when you get up in the morning. A customized splint can reduce your morning pain and help you recover from this foot disorder.

What does a homemade plantar fasciitis night splint do?

A night splint is a good nighttime solution for stretching the Plantar Fasciitis. It is designed to work while you sleep and stretch the arch of your foot while providing support to the bottom of your foot. When you wake up, you simply take off the plantar fasciitis sock and begin walking normally but with much less pain. A proper splint  should also comfortable enough to not disturb your sleep. No splint will be fully comfortable but if you have the discipline to adhere to the splint for the full duration of the night, the end result will be worth it.

Should your night splint be homemade?

In our opinion, no. If you really can’t get a night splint or you’re on a small budget then a homemade splint is better than nothing but it’s not ideal to make your own medical equipment. We carefully and scientifically designed our night splint to help stretch your Plantar Fascia tendon in just the right way, you can find it here:

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It is possible to make your own plantar fasciitis night splint and there are a number of reasons people choose to do this. Most commonly we found that people have tried to use a plantar fasciitis night splint, have found it painful, and are now looking to come up with their own homemade night splint.

Occasionally though, people are looking to save money by making their own night splint, while this is possible we do have an opinion on whether you should or shouldn’t do this.

Firstly it’s worth mentioning, that it’s very common for night splints to feel uncomfortable during use since you’re going to stretch a delicate band of tissue at the bottom of the foot. This is because your tissues muscles and tendons are under pressure while you’re trying to relax and sleep. Unfortunately there is no easy solution to get around this night splints will feel somewhat uncomfortable, they shouldn’t be extremely painful however a certain level of uncomfortableness is something that the wearer has to get used to.

In general it is much better to use a manufactured planter fasciitis night splint. one that has been purpose-built and should take your needs and retention that is needed to heal your planter fasciitis pain.

With that being said let’s discuss how to make your own home-made planter fasciitis night splint below.

How to make a homemade plantar fasciitis night splint

The best method for making a homemade planter fasciitis night splint that’s going to stretch the arch of the foot can be found in the video below. This technique generally involves using a bandage around the toes, wrapping them around the calf and being tight enough to create attention needed on the planter fasciitis tissue.

It’s important to note if you experience any pain, either in your toes, arch, ankle or in any other place at the bottom of your foot, this could be a sign that you’ve done something wrong.

What does a homemade night splint need?

A home-made planter fasciitis night splint typically needs to be comfortable enough to wear, but still maintain enough attention to do the job then it’s designed for. It shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that you can’t sleep, nor should it be too loosely attached to not pull back the toes and do its job.


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