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Our Story

Welcome to Plantar People. My name is Nathan and I started this business for people like you and me after suffering myself with Plantar Fasciitis on and off for years. I too know how painful that first foot on the floor in the morning can be.

It took a lot of hard work, a lot of trial and error (and pain!) but I’ve been fortunate enough to finally cure myself, hopefully once and for all, using a variety of exercises and equipment that you’ll find on this website.

Everything that you find here has helped me directly, I tried it first hand myself and standby the quality. No matter what stage of the plantar journey you’re on, it’s my aim to give you not only pain relief but help cure you once and for all too.

Plantar effects different people in different ways, so you’ll find a range of items here that I’ve used to help me and others. While the items go a long way to relive the pain, it also takes hard work and dedication to exercises too but I’m confident that with the right help, you can beat this too.

Our mission

We’re a family run business and we’ve made it our mission to cure 10,000 people of plantar fasciitis, rid them of pain and give them their everyday lives back.

We’re putting together a PlantarPeople Facebook group so that we can all help and learn from each other, come join our community here:

Want to get in touch? You can find me at Nathan[at] or on any of our social media channels.

I’m rooting for you, with the right strategy, you can beat this!

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