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Tuli Heavy Duty Heel Cups

tulis heavy duty heel cups

Whether you are playing a competitive sport, or just a regular fitness enthusiast, Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups are made from the highest quality materials and offer the added thickness and support to help you perform at your best. Their Patented shock-absorbing “waffle” design also provides immediate relief from heel pain, making them the perfect addition to your active lifestyle.

Highest quality materials

Featuring a multi-layer design, the Tuli Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cup provides maximum shock absorption, allowing for maximum protection and comfort for your feet. The Tuli Heavy Duty Gel Heel cups are the #1 Podiatrist recommended heel cup on the market. These heel cups are also designed to prevent shin splints and heel pain, as well as providing an extra layer of cushioning to maximize athletic performance.

The Tuli Heavy Duty Heel Cup works with the same patented multi-cell, multi-layer design, absorbing shock and returning impact energy to your feet. They are also twice as thick as the standard Tuli heel cup, providing an extra level of support and cushioning for your feet. These heel cups are designed to provide a comfortable fit for any shoe. The Tuli Heavy Duty Gel Heel cup is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

The Tuli Heel Cup is designed with an ultra-thin hinge design to keep pressure off your Achilles tendon. The shock-absorbing pad is also tulip-shaped, providing extra comfort for your feet. The heel cup also features an anti-slip surface, helping to prevent any potential blisters from forming.

Patented shock absorbing “waffle” design

Using a patented “waffle” design, Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups absorb and disperse impact. They are twice as thick as the company’s Classic Heel Cups, and work best in athletic shoes, cleats, and more spacious lace-ups. They offer maximum protection and performance, while also providing flexibility.

The “waffle” design on Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel cups is a clever, if not obvious, mechanism that absorbs and disperses impact, while also returning impact energy back to the wearer. Tuli’s “waffle” design uses a multi-cell structure that mimics the natural shock-absorbing design of the foot. The patented design also rotates and flexes with the foot’s natural motion.

The “waffle” design also keeps the knees, hips, and feet in perfect alignment. These patented foot care products also use the latest in shock absorbing materials, including TuliGel. This specially formulated polymer is lightweight, softer than other gels, and more resilient than its competition.

The “waffle” design of Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heelcups is also the most technologically advanced of its kind. It is backed by a lifetime warranty, and a number of other benefits.

Immediate relief from heel pain

Using a heel cup will help relieve your heel pain. While there are many heel cups on the market, Tuli’s is the one that most people recommend. These heel cups are made of the best materials and are designed to last.

Tuli’s uses a multi-cell, multi-layer design to absorb shock and return impact energy back to the user. These heel cups can help relieve your heel pain and return you to your daily routine. They also have a lifetime warranty that is unmatched in the footwear industry. They are also a great option for sports enthusiasts. Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups are designed to mimic the natural foot system to help disperse impact and protect the foot.

There is no doubt that Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel cups are a great choice for those suffering from heel pain. The patented multi-cell waffle design enables them to absorb shock and disperse impact, mimicking the natural foot system. They are also designed to work with a wider variety of shoe styles and sizes.

Additional thickness and support for athletic performance

Designed for athletic performance, Tuli’s Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups provide additional thickness and support, relieving pain and pressure while providing cushioning and elevation. With a unique multi-cell waffle design, these heel cups are flexible enough to work with any shoe style and shape. They are also backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups absorb shock and provide cushioning, elevation and heavy duty protection from heel strike pain. They also feature a patented multi-cell waffle design, which bears down on the foot and rotates with normal foot motion. This design provides the best possible support and comfort for the foot. They are available in a variety of sizes and fit regular, wide, extra wide and x-wide footwear.

Tuli’s Heavy Duty Gel Heel cups are the world’s #1 recommended heel cup by Podiatrists. They offer a combination of comfort, support and extra cushioning, and their unique patented design provides protection for the heel and the Achilles tendon.

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