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Plantar Fasciitis and Virtual Reality Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis and Virtual Reality Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis and Virtual Reality Therapy

Plantar fasciitis is a prevalent foot condition affecting a significant portion of the US population, with an estimated 10% experiencing it at some stage in their lives. This condition primarily targets the thick tissue band connecting the heel to the ball of the foot. When the plantar fascia becomes damaged or stretched, individuals may experience excruciating pain in their heel, arch, or ball of the foot. Symptoms are typically more pronounced in the morning following extended periods of standing or walking.

There are various treatment options available for plantar fasciitis, each with varying degrees of effectiveness. While cortisone and anti-inflammatory medications offer temporary relief, using them over an extended period may hinder your body’s natural healing process and potentially weaken the plantar fascia, increasing the risk of developing painful heel spurs. It is important to consider alternative treatments that promote long-term healing and minimize potential side effects.

Low-Dye Kinesio-Taping, a proven and effective treatment, is designed to relieve the weight pressure on the plantar fascia and provide essential medial ankle arch support. In a recent study conducted in January 2023(4), it was compared to placebo tape and extracorporeal shockwave therapy treatments in terms of its effectiveness. This study aimed to evaluate the potential benefits and outcomes of Low-Dye Kinesio-Taping for individuals seeking relief from plantar fasciitis or related foot conditions.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage involves applying concentrated finger pressure to muscle tissue connected with fascia, such as Achilles tendon or calf muscles, in order to break up scar tissue and increase blood flow. Your massage therapist stimulates these areas in order to break up scar tissue and break it down, improving overall circulation.

Positional Release – This advanced technique uses precise manipulation to relax hyperactive muscles and restore normal function, relieving trigger points and spasms of the muscles. A therapist typically utilizes this approach in order to alleviate trigger points or spasms of muscles.


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