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Custom Orthotics Vs Over The Counter Inserts

Orthotic inserts are specialized shoe inserts that are meticulously crafted to match the unique shape of your feet. While they may involve a higher cost compared to over-the-counter alternatives, their customized design offers numerous benefits. Not only do they effectively relieve foot discomfort, but they also address various related problems. By providing a personalized fit, custom orthotics cater to your feet’s specific needs, making them a worthwhile investment for long-term foot health.

Are you looking for an affordable solution to improve the comfort and fit of your shoes? Look no further than over-the-counter (OTC) orthotics. These readily available inserts can be found in a variety of stores, allowing you to choose the perfect pair that suits your needs. What’s great about OTC orthotics is that they can be easily customized to your shoe size for a precise and comfortable fit. With OTC orthotics, you don’t have to break the bank to experience the benefits of better shoe fit and support.


Many individuals who experience foot pain often have questions regarding the expenses associated with custom orthotics compared to over-the-counter shoe inserts. While it is true that using OTC inserts can provide some relief from symptoms, it is crucial to note that they cannot serve as a substitute for personalized orthotics. It is advisable to seek guidance from a podiatrist or foot specialist before purchasing OTC inserts to ensure their compatibility and effectiveness.

A podiatrist may suggest a more cost-effective orthotic option. They are able to customize an orthotic for your specific foot needs and offer a more personalized fit than over-the-counter shoe inserts.

Another advantage of custom orthotics is their increased durability compared to most over-the-counter insoles. A podiatrist will take a cast or impression of your feet before crafting custom orthotics tailored for each foot.

Custom orthotics, which are tailored specifically for your feet and shoes, tend to be more durable than over-the-counter inserts due to their fewer pressure points that help slow their rate of wear and tear. This could result in a longer lifespan for these inserts.


Custom orthotics are the superior solution for anyone seeking long-lasting relief from foot pain. This is because these devices are tailored specifically for your feet, taking into account any biomechanical changes in foot position that may occur.

They can alleviate many conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Furthermore, they improve gait and reduce strain on other parts of the body.

Custom orthotics offer a long-term solution compared to over-the-counter inserts, which tend to be made from cheap materials and need replacing quickly. To maintain their longevity, you must properly care for them and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or cold.

The longevity of a pair of orthotics depends on several factors, but on average they last between one and five years. However, depending on your weight and lifestyle, yours may need replacing sooner than this.

Personalized Fit

Custom orthotics offer a more tailored solution than over-the-counter inserts that are mass produced with the average foot in mind. Not only do they target specific pressure points causing discomfort, but they can also correct faulty biomechanics which could weaken or damage other parts of your body.

Additionally, these shoes feature a firmer material for extra support, helping correct abnormal motion and alleviating symptoms such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

They tend to last longer than OTC insoles, which tend to be less durable and break down faster.

Custom orthotics can be created for your feet using either a wear-moldable or heat-moldable process. The molds should be worn for several hours each day over time, gradually adapting to your individual foot shape.

Insurance Coverage

Orthotics are a type of medical equipment designed to protect, align, support, correct or prevent deformities, assist a dysfunctional joint, and enhance movement within moving body parts.

Custom orthotics can only be created after a podiatrist has performed an evaluation of your feet, ankles and legs to guarantee they are tailored specifically for you. Insurance often does not cover over-the-counter inserts found at drugstores, supermarkets or sporting goods stores since these do not meet the criteria for being made from 3D casts of your feet.

Orthotics are typically covered by medical insurance when prescribed by a healthcare professional and an official diagnosis outlines why the patient needs them. Most health insurance plans will offer some form of coverage in such cases. Orthotics must be made from plastics or foam that replicates your feet’s mold, so most health plans will cover some costs associated with them.


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