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Choosing Gel Heel Cups For Plantar Fasciitis

gel heel cups for plantar fasciitis

Choosing the right gel heel cups for plantar fasciitis is a matter of knowing what your specific pain problems are and then finding the best fit for you. Some people have a hard time deciding which gel heel cup is best for them because there are so many options available. In this article, we will provide you with a list of factors to consider when choosing a pair of gel heel cups. These factors include:


Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or just have itchy feet, a gel heel cup can provide relief. The best heel cups are made from thick gel to offer added cushioning beneath your heel. They also provide shock absorption.

Gel heel cups come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from soft gel to plastic. You can find them at most drugstores and many footwear stores. They’re easy to slip into your shoes and offer extra support.

Heel cups also provide relief from pain and inflammation in the heel. Heel spurs are a sharp bony growth on the front of the heel bone. The spurs can cause inflammation and pain in the back of the foot. They are also prone to damage, making them difficult to remove.

Gel heel cups are odorless and are cool to the touch. They’re also washable by hand. Choosing the right one can help you prevent recurrences of heel spurs.

Compression support

Using Gel heel cups for plantar fasciitis compression support is an effective way to ease the pain associated with this condition. The cups help to absorb shock and vibration, as well as provide complete heel protection. They also reduce joint strain and inflammation, which can improve blood circulation.

The cups are made from 100% silicone, so they’re easy to wash. They’re also lightweight, so they’re ideal for active people. The cups can be worn in most shoes, and they’re designed to help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. They’re also breathable, so they’re comfortable to wear.

Another way to relieve heel pain is to wear a heel pad. These pads help heal heel pain that you may have suffered from after a long day on your feet. They’re made of a durable soft gel cushion, and they can be easily fitted with a hook and loop strap.

The pads also absorb impact, which reduces tension on the heel. They provide a secure fit, and they’re adjustable for a customized fit.

Stretches to ease heel and arch pain

Whether you are a runner or someone who spends a lot of time on your feet, it is important to take steps to ease your heel and arch pain. One of the best ways to do this is to follow a stretch routine. In fact, you should include stretching your heel bone in your warm-up routine.

A foot massage can also help alleviate your pain. During this process, you should massage your entire arch. You should use moderate to firm pressure. Use oil or moisturizer to help soften the tissue.

Adding gel heel cups to your shoes can also be helpful. They provide shock absorption, alleviate pressure on the plantar fascia, and reduce tension on the Achilles tendon.

Another trick to ease your heel pain is to massage your feet before going to bed. This will help loosen the tissue, reduce inflammation, and ease your pain in the morning. Using a foot roller or rolling pin will also help.

Insoles to choose from

Choosing the right insoles for plantar fasciitis can be tricky. You need to choose the right size and arch support for your foot. You also need to look for features that will provide pain relief.

You’ll want to look for a quality brand. They should offer a warranty and a good customer service record. They should also offer high-quality materials that reduce friction and heat.

You’ll also want to find an insole that has a cushioned arch for extra support. This will help reduce fatigue on your legs and feet. It can also help prevent foot pain.

You’ll want to find an insole that has breathable material that keeps your feet dry and cool. This can prevent blisters.

You’ll also want to choose a full-length insole. These insoles offer support to your arch and heel. This type of insole is best for people who walk or run a lot. They also are a good choice for people with chronic foot problems.


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