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Wearing Plantar Socks

Hey Nathan here, thanks for buying our socks!

I’m making an instructional video, to walk you through step by step how to wear the socks most effectively and start reliving your pain.

In the meantime, here’s some pointers of how to get the most from your socks:


  • Start by wearing them around half of a day and no more.
  • If they become uncomfortable before this, then do take them off.
  • They can be worn instead of, or in addition to your normal socks, whichever you prefer.
  • After a couple of weeks, if you still need them, start increasing the time that you’re wearing them, it’s important to build up slowly.
  • Some people wear them at night and find a lot of benefit from doing this, though this would go against what we recommend, since with compression socks, its good to have some movement while you wear them.
  • Everyone has different tolerance levels for wearing the socks and different areas of pain, so there’s not one specific rule for how to wear them. This will need some experimentation on your part.


  • The best way to use them is inside of your regular socks during times when you think you’ll be on your feet or a while or the pain is particularly bad.
  • It’s best to experiment with how long that you wear them and see what works or you.
  • We advise not wearing them inside of the compression socks, since this can capture a lot of sweat.

We also have a free e-book on how to cure your Planar Fasciitis for good. Click HERE to go to our free ebook download page.

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