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Plantar Fasciitis in Military Personnel

Plantar Fasciitis in Military Personnel

Plantar Fasciitis in Military Personnel

There is mounting evidence of increased risks associated with developing plantar fasciitis among military personnel, including female sex, black race, junior enlisted rank groups such as junior enlisted/senior enlisted rank groups/junior officer ranks/service in Army/Marines as well as increased age. A study revealed the adjusted incidence rate ratio was significantly higher among women, black service members as well as those from junior enlisted/senior officer rank groups than male officers/junior officer rank groups/ service branches/age groups/branch groups/branch groups/service compared with men/junior officers/junior officers

Common treatments for an ankle sprain include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections and physical therapy. If necessary, surgery may also be recommended by your physician; this should only be considered as a last resort and avoided whenever possible. In addition, other forms of treatment such as orthotics, custom foot-ankle splints and PRP (plater rich plasma) injections may provide some relief.


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