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Does it work? Theragun Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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  • QX65 proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce
  • 5-Speeds with customizable speed range

  • 100% Natural fruits and veggies
  • Built-In Battery - 120--Minute Battery Life

  • 4 Attachments: Dampener, Standard Ball, Thumb, Cone

Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Effective for fast pain relief

  • Multiple massage heads allows for targeting all areas of the body

  • A high build quality and warranty
  • Con: Not low cost

Plantar Benefits

  • Break up scar tissue that prevents Plantar healing

  • Promotes healing blood flow to damaged fascia tissue

  • Provides immediate pain relief to painful feet.

Overall: 8.0/10

Should you get a Theragun for Plantar Fasciitis? We answer and explore this below. We also look at why TheraGuns made effective pain relief and whether they’re worth buying to treat your Plantar pain. First though what is Plantar Fasciitis and how do massage guns help?

Theragun plantar fasciitis treatment

What is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition affects around one in 10 people during their lifetime. It is caused by inflammation of the connecting tissue that runs between the heel and the toes. Planar fasciitis pain and inflammation can affect a number of areas of the foot, but most commonly people experience it in the heel, with secondary effects causing ankle, arch and calf pain.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis pain

There are a number of causes for planter fasciitis issues. Most commonly people who spend a lot of time on their feet will often develop this condition. For example this is a very common condition for new runners to experience, because their muscles aren’t yet used to being used and smaller tissues such as the planter fasciitis step in to state as the foot and become over used an injured.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment options

At Plantar People we’ve got to see first hand what works and what doesn’t work for treating Plantar Fasciitis.

The best treatment plan has proven time and time again to be a combination of pain relief items such as those provided in our 12-piece essential Plantar Fasciitis kit combined with an ongoing exercises, stretches and direct treatment of the Plantar Fascia itself using a massage gun such as the Theragun.

Can you use a Theragun on Plantar Fasciitis

Yes, you can use a theragun plantar fasciitis. Theragun is a percussion foot massager that is gentle on the fascia while simultaneously promoting peripheral circulation and ankle mobility. It can be used on the ball or sole of the foot and is effective for relieving plantar fasciitis pain. We’ve tested the one below and it’s proven to be both durable and effective at pain relief, while being able to deliver the needed percussion and force to break up scar tissue caused by this condition/

Is vibration good for Plantar Fasciitis

Vibration is very good for Plantar Fasciitis. Vibrations can ease your foot pain since they help to promote healing blood flow that can help heal your injury. Using vibration for a deep tissue massage with equipment like the Theragun can help break up damaging scar tissue up that will slow your healing down.

Should you massage a foot with Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes massaging the foot, in particular the Plantar Fascia itself that is the source of pain can help with Plantar Fasciitis. Scientific studies have shown that massage therapy reduces inflammatory factors and helps the fascia become less stiff.

Massage can also be used as a form of physical therapy, the reason it works well and offers relief is because overtime the tearing and inflammation o the Plantar Fascia causes the build up of scar tissue which prevents healing. A massage using a tool such as the Theragun breaks up this scar tissue and promotes healing by encouraging blood flow to an area that typically doesn’t get much.

Can you use other Massage guns to treat plantar fasciitis?

Yes other massage guns can be used too. Below we’ve selected some of the better ones that we’ve tested that are effective in helping to relive your foot pain. It’s important that the massage gun that you choose is both high quality and durable, since you are going to need to use it often to help with your foot pain. Here a the better ones that we’ve tested:

How does Theragun plantar fasciitis treatment work?

Applied to the bottom of the foot, this massage gun works to relax the fascia, which allows you to walk without pain. It helps you walk more comfortably and is effective at relieving heel pain that comes with Plantar Fasciitis.

The different strength settings (depending on the brands chose) allow for pressure to be applied at different levels depending on your comfort zone. The ability to adjust the strength of the massage is crucial since applying too much pressure to an area already experiencing heel pain can be extremely painful.

Massage guns work like other massages and foam rollers

Often items such as a foam roller can be used but we’ve found that while they can help, it doesn’t quite have the same deep tissue massage effect as one of these devices. In addition to foam rollers, massage therapy can relieve the pain associated with the plantar fascia too.

Professional massage therapists can use a deep tissue technique to break up scar tissue caused by chronic inflammation. These techniques are also effective for self-massage, which can be performed on either the bare foot or the foot inside of a sock. Self-massage should be done for at least one to three minutes twice daily.

What is the cost of a Theragun?

You may be wondering about the cost of theragun plantar fasciitis massage gun. One of the main reasosn why they are so popular is because they are affordable compared to some of the more expensive plantar fascia targeting treatments out there.

The cost of a Theragun plantar fasciitis massage gun is around $300 (£260). However, there are many other advantages of this device. In addition to being effective for treating plantar fasciitis, they also are effective at loosening up leg muscles that contribute to the problem and work very well on still backs too. To get the best price, do check out our link below:

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