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TheraFlow Tumaz Foot Roller Review

tumaz foot roller

Having a good foot massager is one of the best ways to ease muscle pain and soreness in your feet. There are several types of foot massagers on the market, including spiky balls, lacrosse balls and premium foot rollers. These products are able to relieve muscle pain and soreness, as well as plantar fasciitis.

Shiatsu foot massager

Using a shiatsu foot massager with a foot roller can help to alleviate foot pain and increase blood circulation to the affected areas. Tumaz foot rollers are designed to conform to the foot arch and provide fast, effective pain relief. These are ideal for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, trigger point release, and muscle knots.

Foot massagers are designed to help reduce swelling, improve sleep, and reduce overall discomfort. They can be used to massage the ankles, feet, and calves. Some can also have a remote control so you can dictate the massage time and pressure. They may also have a spot cleaning feature, which allows you to wipe the surface of the machine after use.

Many foot massagers use heat, which helps to relax muscles. Adding heat to a massage also increases blood flow to the affected area. Using a foot massager with a roller also helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Comfyroll Plus Massager

Choosing the best foot massager for your digits might be one of the more challenging tasks in life. For starters, the foot massager that you choose should be made of non toxic material. It should also be ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort. Aside from being stylish, the Tumaz Comfyroll Plus Massager should also be given a gold star for being both a functional and fun product.

The Tumaz Comfyroll Plus Massager is not only a great way to relax your digits but it’s also a good way to save you hundreds of dollars on expensive treatments for ailments such as plantar fasciitis. And to make your life easier, it even comes with a carrying bag. It’s also worth noting that it is not made of wood. It is made of 100% rubber, phthalates free PVC. And the most impressive thing about it is its longevity. Unlike wooden rollers, it isn’t likely to crack under regular use.

Simple Spectra Therapy Set

Using a foot roller can be fun and relaxing. It helps target areas that need a little TLC, and can relieve stress and tension. The three devices in this kit are easy to use, and offer different levels of stimulation.

Using a foot roller will help you feel better in no time. The Tumaz foot roller is a great way to relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis and muscle knots. It’s water proof and has a deep bump for enhanced pain relief. It’s also a great choice for myofascial release and yoga assistance. The Tumaz also has a 60-day money back guarantee, so you know it’s good to go.

This three piece set also includes a spiky ball and a soft foam roller. The spiky ball can be used to target areas that might be more difficult to reach with a larger massager. The soft foam roller is a good way to massage the top of your feet without a lot of hassle. It’s also an excellent way to soothe your toes and reduce pressure on your Achilles tendon.


Whether you’re suffering from chronic soreness in the foot, leg, or back, the TheraFlow Tumaz foot roller can help soothe your foot tension and relieve your pain. In addition to relieving your foot pain, this device can help ease other ailments including stress, muscle aches, insomnia, and joint pain. This foot massager has a comfortable ergonomic shape to fit the arch of your foot, and it’s designed to help relieve your pain and tension.

The TheraFlow Tumaz foot roller features five ridged rollers that massage your feet in two ways. In one way, you’ll position your feet on all the rows of rollers. This is effective in promoting circulation, as well as stimulating myofascial release. It’s also effective at relieving muscle aches and fatigue.

The TheraFlow Tumaz is a great way to relieve foot pain, and it’s easy to take with you when you travel. It’s also made with an ergonomic shape, which makes it comfortable to use on any flat surface.


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